NMIMS Assignments Solved

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NMIMS Assignments Solved

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NMIMS Assignments Solved
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NMIMS Solved Answers

Get All Assignment Solved ( Regular Answers and Customized Answers)

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Business Economics

Financial accounting and analysis

Information systems for managers

Management theory and practice

Marketing management

Organizational behavior

Business communication

Business Law

Decision Science

Essentials of HRM

Operations management

Strategic management

Consumer behavior

Corporate Finance International Business

Operations management

Organization theory

Taxation- direct and indirect

Capital Market and Portfolio Management

Cost and management accounting

Marketing of financial services

Strategic Cost Management

Compensation and benefits

Industrial relations

Manpower planning

Organization culture

Performance management system

Brand management

Customer relationship management

International marketing

Marketing strategy

Sales management

Cloud computing


Emerging technologies

Fundamentals of big data

IT infrastructure

IT project management

Commercial banking

Retail banking

Total quality management

Enterprise resource planning

Business ethics

Financial institution and markets

Marketing research

Project management

Services marketing

international finance

Strategic Financial Management

B2B marketing

Integrated marketing communications

Insurance and risk management

International banking

Treasury management

Employee Development

HR Audit

International HR Practices

Strategic HRM

Enterprise resource planning

Operations and supply chain

Procurement management

Service operations

Total quality management

International Logistics

World class operations

Digital payments

IT Security

Managing BPO

Research methodology

Advanced SCM

Decision Analysis & Modeling

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